It looking more and more like, never-ish?
For now all we can do to enjoy this fine comic is to

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The Sprite Cemetery.       It's Shadey Theatre, BITCHES!       The Dragon Princess.       Super Adventure Quint.

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29 Second Hero by Mjkrzak.  Aleph by Mjkrzak.  Alia by Mjkrzak.  Arc by mjkrzak.  Axl by mjkrzak.  Asuka Langley Soryu by Bendilin and Big Papa Sonic. Smaurai Pizza Cats. Speedy Cerviche by Bendilin. Samurai Pizza Cats. Polly Esther by Bendilin. Samurai Pizza Cats. Guido Anchovy by Bendilin. Willow: Arcade.

Since I now own it, I'm giving it out to all those I think is awesome.
Guess who else is now a proud(?) member of the family of websites.