Super Adventure Quint. Now if someone would take the actual game and make it look this good.
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033: Quint's purpose in life.

I tried to recreate this color scheme on a Gameboy emulator. Didn't work out too well.

034: Quint VS Megaman. (The Re-Animated Battle!)

I thought about posting the original animated GIF, decided on HTML5 video for the sound.
I'll put it in a special section when I'm done with the rest.
Mega Man Power Up theme by Aphelion-Run

035: The battle is over...

For some reason the beginning of the series have green bars on the top and bottom of the comics.
Then the middle couple of hundred don't and the end few do.
What you see here are image files I added in for some sort of balance.

036: See? Quint isn't really weak, he just lost on purpose.

Wait until the fifth game.